About Us
Chaplaincy Council

The Chaplaincy Council oversees the operation of the RTCC and is responsible for the Chaplain. Council members volunteer their time and they are asked to join by the Chaplain or other Board Members.

The Council meets regularly and is given an account of activities and spending by the Chaplain.

The Council is responsible for:
  1. a yearly budget
  2. an accounting to those who fund the Chaplaincy
  3. planning events for the upcoming year(s)
  4. making sure the ministry is following the guidelines of Revenue Canada and the constitution of the RTCC
  5. making sure donations are receipted and that the RTCC files annually with Revenue Canada. 
  6. overseeing the activities of the Chaplaincy and it's Chaplain(s)

2018 Race Track Chaplaincy Council

James Bannon, Broadcaster and Handicapper

Vice President  Bill Galvin, Author

Secretary  Jesse Campbell, Jockey

Treasurer  Bonnie Eshelman, Jockey Agent

Chaplain Shawn Kennedy
Accountant  Ron Gooding

Tim Drake, Owner
Tom Patton, Jockey Agent
Tom Cosgrove, Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame