The Jake Howard Center

The Jake Howard Center came about after a donation to the RTCC by a member of the racing industry. The RTCC collaborated with the HBPA and WEG, as to the best use of the donated funds. When WEG made the old workers lunchroom available, contractors were sought to do the job and it had its grand opening July 23rd, 2008. 

The Jake Howard Center houses offices for the Chaplain and the Employee Assistance Program Counsellor. It provides a learning center, (4 computers and hi-speed internet), a library, clothing depot and meeting area for various groups and/or functions. One of our more unique uses in 2008 was for a wedding shower of one of our veterinary technicians.

The Jake has already expanded its library in response to donations. In 2009, the Jake offers workshops and seminars for financial planning, estate planning, computer, Spanish and ESL,
(English as a Second Language), lessons.